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What you need to know


What is a Last Man Standing competition ?

Rules have been updated 21/07/19

If you aren't familiar with Last Man Standing competitions here how it works - If you pick Chelsea to win and Chelsea win you go through, but you can't pick Chelsea again. If Chelsea don't win* then you will be knocked out - simple as that! The competition continues until 1 person remains - who will be crowned Last Man Standing

*Lives have been introduced to allow multiple lives per person. If you are in a competition with multiple lives, you will be knocked out once your lives reach zero.

The Rules:
  1. You will only be able to see other users picks for the current gameweek once the deadline for the gameweek has passed.
  2. You must select a team prior to the deadline - deadline is 30 minutes prior to the first kick off of the week. This can be changed at any point up till the deadline passes.
  3. You can now select multiple weeks in advance
  4. Teams can only be selected once.
  5. Fixtures can start on weekdays and weekends so make sure to keep an eye on your deadline.
  6. If your selection's game is postponed after the deadline has passed, you're in luck you're through to the next round.
  7. If selection's game is postponed before the deadline passes, you will be required to pick another team.
  8. If no selection is made before the deadline passes the next available team alphabetically that you have not already selected will be selected for you.
  9. If a team is playing multiple times in a week, you need to select the specific fixture that you believe they will win. If they win the match that is not selected and your selected match loses, that counts as a loss.
  10. If you don't select a team and the autoselect picks a team for you which is playing multiple times in the gameweek, the system will pick the game which is occuring earliest in the gameweek
  11. If all remaining players are knocked out in a gameweek, then all players knocked out in that gameweek will go through to the next round.
  12. On occasions where there are limited games in the gameweek, your league admin can select that week as a BYE for all players.
  13. In the interest of fairness, we may consult with the league admin where an issue has arisen. We will work with the league admin to consult on a solution that we agree is fair. The league admin has final say on this matter
  1. You can opt in/out of emails at any time in your user profile.
  2. We will notify you by email if you are through to the next round.
  3. Your club or charity may also update on their Social Media accounts
  4. Winners will be notified by email
  5. If, for any reason, an invalid team selection is made such as picking the same team as one already selected, We will consider this as not selecting a team and the selected team will be changed as per the auotpick rules. League admins can mail in to modify these selections if needed.